Install and Configure P2P-Streams Add-on For XBMC - KODI

How to Install and Configure P2P-Streams XBMC

- Download the P2P Stream Repo. Save to somewhere easy to remember and access
- OS X USERS ONLY - Download the AceStream bundle (~300MB)
- OS X USERS ONLY - Unzip the AceStream bundle and move to /Applications
- Open XBMC
- Select SYSTEM > Settings

- Select Add-Ons

- Select Install from zip file

- Navigate to where you downloaded the zip file in the first step and select (numbers may vary depending on updates) and select OK or press enter

- Select Get Add-ons

- Select P2P-Streams Repository

- Select Video Add-Ons

- Select P2P Streams

- Select Install

- Wait for Add-on Enabled Notification

P2P Streams is now installed. We must now do a few tweaks to get it to work.

- Navigate back to your Home Screen
- Select System > Settings

- Select Add-Ons

- Select Enabled Add-Ons

- Select Video Add-Ons

- Select p2p-streams

- Select Configure

- In the General tab check (turn on) Download Modules on Boot

- In the List/Parsers tab select Run Python Script

- Type the following URL in the next screen and select done. A few popups will appear now as the parsers are added. This should only take a minute or two.

- In the next screen select OK. It is important to do this or the changes will not be saved.

- Go back to your homescreen
- Select Videos > Addons

- Select p2p-streams

- Select Add-On Website Parsers

- P2P Sport Add-on For Kodi / Kodi to watch live streaming of sports

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